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Hot In Cleveland Season 6
Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli
Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick
3 DVD 23 episodes
TV Land 2016

As Melanie mentions at the opening of Hot In Cleveland Season 6, Season 5 ended with Joy (Jane Leeves) having to pick between three proposals, Victoria won an Oscar, and Elka (Betty White) was elected on Cleveland City Council. The first episode of the last season of this very entertaining situation comedy resolves these hanging plot points so the show can move on. Though I had found this sitcom getting long in the tooth in season 5, season 6 features many fresh and interesting episodes and a lot of Dave Foley. This TV Land situation comedy closes with a bang (and a wedding).

These include episode 2 where Victoria and the girls fly to L.A for Victoria’s audition with an important director and then misadventures when she does not get the part. The Christmas episode (DVD 1) is really fun with its Dr. Seuss story about Victoria and a Christmas disco movie she appeared in.  Pay particular attention to Elka’s lines, they are often hilarious.

The Hot in ClevelaND writers also come up with some great moments in this sitcom’s last season. Duct Soup opens with Joy’s son asks Elka to make sure his mom and her friends do not do anything weird at his wedding: it sets up some great gags.

The two-part episode where the mayor of Cleveland dies in Elka’s bed and Canadian Joy shows up to claim Bob sure has a lot of weird and funny twists. Look for Gladys Knight as an astrologer and possible culprit. The episode where Joy’s former sister sister shows up shows why Georgia Engel (who plays Mamie Sue and was Ted Baxter’s wife on the Mary Tyler Moore Show) should have been a more frequent guest on the show.

The story where Elka and friends decide to pose for a nude calendar has a few too many preachy bits. It does set up a good punch line for Melanie.

Episode 22 is basically a special feature where the cast and writers talk about bloopers and memorable moments. It gets a little schmaltzy but what the hell.

The series ends with a wedding. Hot in Cleveland almost overstayed its welcome but Season 6 allows it to go out with a bang

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