Newfie Octopus
Derek Seguin
Stand-up Comedy CD
Available at comic s website.

Derek Seguin is an original. Not only because he is a Quebecois comic doing stand-up in English but because there is something different about how he believes life approaches him. The first thing you will notice about Seguin is he sounds like the Looney Tunes’ Blacque Jacque Shellaque. It makes for an interesting stage persona: it allows him to be as ribald as he wants becauseFrench swear words to not mean anything in English and it gives him a veneer of innocence that makes the humor that much more effective. Do not let that persona fool you though. Seguin has a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Management from a bona fide English university and he is one very smart guy.

The show opens with a story about being a comic on the road. Those are usually banal but Seguin’s character make the story interesting, especially when it segues into how his Honda Civic was totalled by a turtle.

The heart of  this comedy CD is the life of being a single dad sharing custody of three kids and having to deal with the women on the PTA.

The track Jaime’s Time  is worth the price of this CD alone. In this story, his daughter gets her first period while he has custody of her and he has to deal with the situation. Seguin has the talent to make this story both gut-busting funny but also really touching and you end up wishing more dads had the kind of loving touch he shows in this story.

Newfie Octopus closes with a story about meeting a woman in Newfoundland and his first sexual experiences with a new partner after ten or so years of marriage. It is definitely raunchy but, again, there is something so basically human about the way he recalls the experience you cannot but love the guy.

Seguin always gives a solid live show and  Newfie Octopus is the take-home and listen to it many times over version. Once you have, you will make sure to catch this guy live as often as you can.

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