Tiny Idiot by Derek Sheen smashes through the babble of stand-up comedy albums being released these days and affirms its originality.

Aside from the supposedly funny, and self-indulgent if you ask me answering machine message intro and outro everything here is worthy of repeated listening. This is an album that will always sound fresh. The rest of this review is a feeble attempt to get across what kind of stand-up Sheen does that does not really do it justice. The only thing that would is listening to this comedy album.

The show opens with Derek Sheen’s confession of being prescribed heavy doses of Citalopram (aka Celexa). The side effects are rather severe but since he’s never been this happy, he doesn’t care.

Wyoming: A Suite in Four Movements [Explicit] alone is worth the price of this album. Granted, the tornado alley material is standard fare but the section on people insisting on passively aggressively imposing their religious views where Sheen tears down of the Christmas is Jesus’ birthday myth is stellar. He also takes on elements of the Old Testament including the Nephilim or giant angels that “shoot lasers”  and the New Testament story of the “laid back hippie craftsman and his twelve wandering friends” and his various adventures. He follows with his vision of the two most American things ever in New York and Wyoming. It closes with an odd observational bit on a seedy motel experience.

Derek Sheen then takes on the anti-drug movement (and his regret in having fallen for it) and comics who think it is hip or edgy to admit they would go gay for pay.

Hipster Butcher Shop is a template routine on the hipsterization of everything and how the cooler it is, the lousier the service.

Just buy this Derek Sheek comedy download, you won’t regret it.

Tiny Idiot
Derek Sheen
Stand-up Comedy Album
Stand Up! Records 2016

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