How I Met Your Mother
Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris
3 DVD 24 Episodes Originally aired 2010
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

In the opening episode of season 6 of How I Met Your Mother there is a quick shot of a church billboard stating “To everything there is a season.” In the commentary track the creators of this romantic sitcom say this was intentional as in season 6 each character will cope with change or loss of some kind. How I Met Your Mother The Complete Season 6 has 24 episodes on 3 DVD. This is still a good situation comedy but I doubt it will gracefully survive the two seasons it has been renewed for.

For those unfamiliar with this situation comedy, the premise is 2030 Ted (voiced by Bob Sagett) tells his children how he met his mother. The show then flashes back to a single Ted who spends time with married friends Marshall and Lilly (Jason Segel, Allison Hannigan), gal pal Robin (Cobie Smulders), and bon vivant ladies man Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) who is successful but looking for his father.

Central to season 6 is Marshall and Lilly trying to get pregnant and Ted and Barney working on an architectural project that becomes a source of conflict between the friends.

This sitcom works not only because the viewer is like Ted wondering if she is the one or will turn out to be the one later on but also because the supporting characters are really strong and not weird entrance Kramer gimmicky. These are smart, interesting, and funny characters.

Especially interesting episodes in How I Met Your Mother are: Episode 4, Subway Wars, where the gang races each other to a restaurant where Woody Allen has been spotted and everybody always comes across Mory Pauvich; episode 9 on DVD 2 where a video of Robin’s Canadian TV past shows up (the last scene is superb). The Thanksgiving show is a turkey.

The season closes with a wedding or a flashforward to a wedding.

Special features for How I Met Your Mother Season 6 are Commentary Track for 4 episodes; Deleted Scenes on each DVD; a Gag Reel; Stand By Me – Extended Performance; and What We Know About Your Mother.

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