How I Met Your Mother
The Legendary Season 3
Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, Jason Segel
Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hanigan
3 DVD 20 Episodes
Originally aired 2007-08
Fox Home Video 2008

An original touch to How I Met Your Mother Season 3 is the Series Retrospective special feature that gives you the back-story. This is something every television situation comedy DVD set should have. After all, not everyone wants every season on DVD. What you learn in this series retrospective is How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom about a bunch of friends with romantic problems, even the recently married couple.

All of How I Met Your Mother is a flashback told by Ted to his two teenage children. What is not known is who the mother, the woman with the yellow umbrella, is. Episodes in the series and segues are narrated by Bob Saget –perhaps in some kind of gradual comedy rehab program.

How I Met Your Mother Season Three begins with Ted and Robin breaking up. Guest star Enrique Iglesias shows up for a couple of shows as the rebound boyfriend. Other events include the uneven episode where Marshal and Lily get their own place. This being TV, the event then disappears from plotlines.

A pretty good show is Spoiler Alert where a character points out another’s annoying habit and then nobody in the gang can notice anything else. The kicker at the end is pretty good.

This is a decent situation comedy but I found little to hook me in and keep watching. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is but another stereotypical TV ladies’ man and the other characters fail to be particularly original or memorable. The writing is again, decent, but, again, there is little there to really impress the viewer.

Look for Sarah Chalke, the original Becky on Roseanne, in a couple of episodes near the end of season three.

The How I Met Your Mother The Legendary Season 3 DVD set includes lots of extra features. The first disc features a series retrospective, Lily and Marshall’s Honeymoon Video, Cast Favorites, Behind the Scenes of We’re Not From Here, and Additional scenes to How It Really Happened. DVD 2 includes two episode commentaries, the You Just Got Slapped music video, and a bloopers reel. DVD 3 includes five episode commentaries, Robin Sparkles Sandcastles in the Sand music video, and Ted Mosby is a jerk, another music video.


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