I Dream of Jeannie ? The Complete Series Season Four
Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman, Bill Daily
Aired 1965 ? 1970
5 Seasons 20 DVDs
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008

The fourth season of I Dream of Jeannie is the familiar story and continuing escapades of Tony the astronaut (Larry Hagman) and Jeannie (Barbara Eden).  Throughout the total of 24 episodes of the fourth season Jeannie continues trying to convince Tony to marry her and they along with the other cast members continue their crazy high-jinx.  Fans of this sixties situation comedy can get the entire series in the gorgeous I Dream of Jeannie The Complete Series DVD box set.


Barbara Eden perfectly continues her role as ditzy Jeannie, young and naïve – and incomprehensibly in love with Tony.  I must say that I don’t understand the “hunk factor” appeal of Tony (Larry Hagman) or his best friend Roger (Bill Daily).  Perhaps there was a ‘rock-star’ attraction to astronauts in the ‘60’s that we just don’t get now.

There is a lot to see in the 24 episodes of I Dream of Jeannie season 4 and there is something for fans of all the characters.  Jeannie II (Jeannie’s brunette twin sister) makes a few appearances in this season – always trying to steal Tony away from her sister.   Both Doctor and Mrs Bellows make several appearances, as does Major Roger Healey.  One of my favourites is in this season – “Tomorrow is not another day” where Jeannie ‘blinks’ tomorrow’s newspaper into existence and all the crazy things that occur as a result. (who wouldn’t want a peek at the future?)

Season 4 of this situation comedy is full of fun and silliness.  It is a fun throwback to a different era – we really get a glimpse of many stereotypes from the sixties: from the new and perplexing culture of hippies, to traditional gender roles – this series has it all.  And it is all amusing and innocent.

I really enjoyed I Dream of Jeannie  – Season 4, and I think that all ages will love this show – us oldies watching it again, and a younger generation discovering it for the first time – it is family friendly.


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