Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach
Sean Michael Scott, Leonor Varela, Randy Quaid
Directed by Danny Leiner
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009
93 minutes

Balls Out is a very silly and crude sports comedy DVD. It is also original, not at all taxing on the brain, and fun to watch. Balls Out will not make anyone’s list of best sports comedies but it is a fun enough movie. The movie features the same director as Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.

Balls Out pokes fun at your standard overcome-great-odds-to-win-at-the-end sports movie. This time the sport is tennis. This straight to DVD comedy is squarely aimed at teens with a taste for lots and I mean lots of lowbrow humor (vomiting, etc), tons of sexual innuendo, and the odd bare breast.

There is more to this movie than that. The writing is big on crude yet it manages to also entertain with quite a few original lines and characters. There is also a strange love interest thrown in for Gary the Tennis Coach

Gary (Sean William Scott) is a former tennis pro if you give any validity to the Mexican semi-pro league. Down and out, he finds himself a job as custodial engineer at a small Nebraska school. Tennis is the least important sport at the school and the team consists of losers and so on. When the tennis coach (Randy Quaid) dies, Gary becomes co-coach of the team and has great aspirations for it, the Spanish teacher, and the coach’s fifteen-year-old daughter.

This sports comedy loses its energy and funny about halfway through during the school dance scene and the next few minutes. It does pick up after that but it does not have the original energy. The Filipino ringer storyline is just dumb.

Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach is not going to “go down” as a classic but this sports comedy is fun.


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