Just Shoot Me
2 Season Combo Pack
32 episodes 3 DVD
Mill Creek Entertainment 2014

Just Shoot Me ran on CBS from 1997 to 2003 or 7 episodes. The first two seasons are now available as a 32-episode 3 DVD set from Mill Creek Entertainment  for about 10 dollars. If you do not already own this sitcom, this is definitely a good bang for your entertainment dollar. Being allergic to David Spade, I never was a big fan of Just Shoot Me, but the first two seasons really are good.

The seven season 1 episodes are the only time you get to see Maya’s brother Wally. It soon becomes obvious there is little room in the show for him as all of it takes place at the Blush Magazine offices.

The Annie Hall like My Dinner With Woody (DVD 2) is simply superb. Maya writes a piece about a fake dinner with Woody Allen and then gets  involved with a fake Woody Allen (a great performance by Ed Crasnick though he goes a bit heavy on the gestures). The Experiment (season 2 episode 1) is also particularly good. Maya wants an article on how pretty people have all the advantages even if they are undeserved but she finds she too is prejudiced.

Also fun is episode 23 (DVD 3) Rescue Me where we learn how Finch, Nina, and Elliott got their jobs at Blush.

Less impressive is the Christmas episode Jesus, It’s Christmas even if it sets up a great punchline.

If you watch carefully after the restaurant scene in Nina in the Cantina, you will notice the vase Jack gave Finch is now twice as big and twice as ugly even if nobody seems to have noticed the switch.

This is a fun sitcom and a good deal.