Night Court The Complete Second Season
Harry Anderson, Ellen Foley, John Laroquette
Charles Robinson, Richard Moll, Selma Diamond
22 Episodes 3 DVD
Originally Aired 1984-85
Warner Brothers Home Video 2009

Season two of Night Court opens strong with a nun (Dinah Manoff) falling for Judge Harry Stone (Harry Anderson). This sitcom DVD set features 22 excellent episodes with the regular Night Court cast, Selma Diamond as the bailiff, and Ellen Foley as one-season defense attorney Billie Young . The Complete Second season also introduces Christine Sullivan (Markie Post) who would be with the show for 7 seasons. I really liked Ellen Foley.

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Night Court was a perfectly set-up situation comedy: Harry’s court was an environment where three or four different gags and oddball characters could show up each and every episode. A rock-solid supporting cast, especially perennial Emmy winner John Laroquette as Dan Fielding, Markie Post, Richard Moll as Bull Shannon, and Charles Robinson as Mac made the show a favorite for 9 seasons.

Season Two DVD 1 features, a man who wants Harry to give away 3 million dollars so more than the regular bunch of loons invades the courtroom, Terry Kiser (Bernie in Weekend at Bernie’s) shows up as tabloid journalist Craven. Rather disappointing, however, is the show where Harry goes on trial.

DVD 2 of this sitcom features the show that introduces Dan Fielding’s parents, mental patients invading the court –but who can tell? Harry and Billie get close but a burglar makes them even closer when he ties them together. A blizzard strands the night court. Mac gets married to Quon Le.

Night Court DVD 3 has Dan falling for a plain, clumsy, and very rich woman (Mimi Kennedy). Yakov Smirnoff shows up in the final episode to free most of the Leningrad Circus; look for Gordon Jump of WKRP as a U.S. arms negotiator.

This sitcom DVD set is a must for fans of the series and those who just want a season to remember it by. Might as well get this set as it takes a long, long time between Night Court season releases.



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