Night Court – The Complete Fourth Season
Harry Anderson, John Laroquette, Markie Post
Originally aired 1986-87
4 DVD 22 Episodes
Warner Home Entertainment 2010

Night Court The Complete Fourth Season features this great eighties situation comedy at its best. John Laroquette won his third Emmy Award in a row and the show introduced a new bailiff, Rosalind Russell played by Marsha Warfield. Night Court Season 4 is a 22-episode 4 DVD sitcom set so you should be more careful than usual with the discs.

Episode 15 (DVD 3) is the first of the classic Day in the Life where Night Court would present as many gag cases as possible in one episode. Other episodes include an earthquake and some sumo wrestlers, Harry finding his stepfather, a sting operation involving Dan Fielding, a replacement judge puts Christine in jail, and miniature versions of Harry, Christine, and Dan.

Also, a prince named Maurice bids half a million for Christine and a princess proposes to Harry. The world’s slowest postman appears in the Day in the Life episode. Fish’s wife (Barney Miller) confesses to murder.

Night Court Season 4 ends with a two-part episode that continues in season 5. Christine is named judged but Harry is not reappointed.

Fran Drescher (The Nanny) shows up as a woman with a split personality. Joe Regalbuto of Murphy Brown fame plays an undercover cop. Also look for Frank Bonner, better know as Herb Tarlek on WKRP, Brandon Tartikoff of NBC, Sela Ward plays Christine’s college roommate.

The 22 episodes that make up Night Court Season 4 are uncut. They are also unrestored so some do show the fact videotape ages somewhat. A couple of the shows including the first episode have minor audio sync problems. DVD 1 lists Dan’s Operation Part 1 and 2 but part 2 is on DVD 2.

The shows look good but the opening and closing credit sequences and the interstitial really show their age.
Night Court – Season One:

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Night Court – The Complete Second Season:

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