The Flintstones Season One
Warner Brothers
3 DVDs
1 double-sided DVD

“Flintstones, Meet the Flintstones …” is probably one of the most famous TV theme songs ever. You get to hear it almost 28 times (because, believe it or not, the first few episodes did not have this wonderful opening theme song) in The Flintstones The Complete First Season. There has not been a funny cartoon as funny as The Flintstones and there never will be a funny cartoon as funny as The Flintstones. Basically a The Honeymooners set in the stone age, The Flintstones was the first prime-time cartoon ever (this is way before The Simpsons ever existed). The Flintstones came out of Hanna-Barbera Studios who also created such wonderful cartoons as Secret Squirrel, Magilla Gorilla, Wally Gator, the very funny Squiddly Diddley, Touche Turtle, and Winsome Witch, all of which, having learned from The Flintstones, had a cool easy to sing along theme song.

The Flintstones First Season DVD box set is wonderful. There are loads of extras including the original pilot episode of The Flagstones, a short funny section on wacky inventions (probably the best part of The Flintstones is the transformation of every-day tools into various talking and sarcastic prehistoric animals -they are famous for the line “Well, it’s a living!”. Warner Brothers, who knows how to package a box set even if they have no clue how to package a regular dvd (I hate those non-standard cardboard dvd boxes they impose on us) also included of few of the promo commercials and product commercials associated to The Flintstones (although they did not include the sexist cartoon of Fred and Barney promoting Winston Cigarettes). Really funny cartoons from season one include Hot Lips Hannigan, The Prowler, The Hot Piano, and The Swimming Pool. The only weakness in this box set is Warner Brothers decided to go cheap so dvd 4 is one of those double-sided easy to scratch dvds. Side one of dvd 4 is the cartoons and side two is the extra and bonus features. When you figure that a dvd costs a consumer less than 50 cents each, why couldn’t Warner Brothers spend the nickel on making a separate dvd for the extra and bonus features?

Overall, The Flintstones The Complete First Season, is a funny cartoon collection well worth the somewhat reasonable price. We can figure out Warner Brothers will release one or two seasons per year.


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