“My name is Mitch Fatel and I am very funny.” That’s is what this stand-up comic says when he walks on stage and he is right on both counts. Miniskirts & Muffins is this stand-up comic’s first and independent release stand-up comedy CD. The material here is definitely more miniskirts than muffin (as the bodacious babes on the cover clearly indicate).

Fatel comes across as your nerdy, raging hormoned, nerdy little brother, in his stage persona but definitely has a grown man’s mind and sexual drive. There is something so utterly charming and endearing about this stand-up comic on stage that he can obviously hit on a female member of the audience, ask her the most intimate questions such as her shaving habits and get an answer, and cross what would, for any other stand-up comedian, be the line, and get away with it.

The rare times the audience really and sincerely groans Fatel immediately gets them eating right out of his hand again.

Mitch Fatel’s comedy is not as harmless as it sounds even if it is raunchy stuff. His joke about proposing to the girl in the audience on top of a mountain and the real reason for this particular location proves it. He can also be a bit dark the few times he recalls his childhood.

A few of the comedy bits on Miniskirts And Muffins have been reprised to be very much expanded on Mitch Fatel’s (pronounced Faytel) second CD, the excellent Super Retardo. Anyone who likes good comedy and anyone (which is basically everyone) who enjoyed Super Retardo will laugh just as hard while listening to this first independent comedy CD release.

The bonus track on Mitch Fatell Miniskirts and Muffins is the comic’s audition for a regular spot at The Comic Strip in NYC. It is scary how good Fatel was some fifteen years ago with only three or so years experience under his belt.

It is also scary to see how long it can take a stand-up comic to really hit the big time. This track does not feature the perfectly crips sound of the rest of this CD but it is decent enough to enjoy and listen to again

Like a beautiful woman in a miniskirt or a really good muffin, this Mitch Fatell CD is one you will definitely enjoy again and again.

Mitch Fatel
Miniskirts & Muffins
stand-up comedy CD
Independent Release
49 minutes

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