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The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Complete Fifth Season
Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Asner, Ted Knight
23 Episodes 3 DVD
Originally Aired 1974-75
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

An episode list would have been nice in The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Complete Season 5. This seventies sitcom DVD set features 23 episodes on 3 DVD. There may not be a classic like Chuckles Bites the Dust here but The Mary Tyler Moore Show was a still a great, original situation comedy. This situation comedy deserves more than this generic box set. The set features the complete shows and not the syndicated versions.

Generally The Mary Tyler Moore Show has aged well story wise. Print wise there are a couple of specs here and there and a couple of scenes are on the grainy, VHS side but nothing too bothersome.

Season 5 of The Mary Tyler Moore Show begins with Mary Goes to Jail after she refuses to name a source. It is a great example of the quality writing this sitcom featured and how an ensemble cast can make a show.

Other episodes include one where Ted milks all the sympathy he can when he gets injured. If you’ve ever watched One Day at a Time and wondered what David did, he shows up as a consultant named Bob in an episode on DVD 1. The disc also includes the show where Murray debates if he is interested in the divorcee or her piano.

Fans of the show will especially appreciate the Xmas show on disc 2 where the WJM crew is having a fight and the episode where Ted has a fool-proof system for betting on football (Season 5, DVD 3).

Season five of The Mary Tyler Moore  Show also has Ted pop the question to Georgette.

The most underestimated actor in The Mary Tyler Moore Show had to be Ted Knight. There was more to newsman Ted Baxter than being a dumb guy and Knight was allowed to show that in later seasons of this situation comedy, coincidentally after he married Georgette.

Episode list: DVD 1: Will Mary Richards Go to Jail?; Not Just Another Pretty Face; You Sometimes Hurt the One You Hate; Lou and That Woman; The Outsider; I Love a Piano; The New Sue Ann; Menage-a-Phyllis.

DVD 2: Not a Christmas Story; What Are Friends For?; A Boy’s Best Friend; A Son for Murray;  Neighbors; A Girl Like Mary; An Affair to Forget; Mary Richards: Producer

DVD 3: The System; Phyllis Whips Inflation; The Shame of the Cities; Marriage Minneapolis Style; You Try To Be a Nice Guy; You Can’t Lose ‘Em All; Ted Baxter’s Famous Broadcasters’ School; Anybody Who Hates Kids and Dogs

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