The Cleveland Show The Complete Season Two
Cleveland Brown, Rallo Tubbs, Donna Tubbs
22 episodes 4 DVD
Originally aired FOX 2010-11
Fox Home Entertainment 2011

Season Two of The Cleveland Show is overall a much better cartoon sitcom DVD set than Season One. The show has a clearer identity and its own set of references. The writing is tighter. The background jokes better –look for the other songs on the Billboard charts in the first episode (Michigan J. Frog is #2)–, and the episodes are more original. The Cleveland Show The Complete Season 2 features 22 episodes on 4 DVD.

Noteworthy episodes include Cleveland Live! (DVD 1) where the cartoon is presented as a sitcom being broadcast live. The camera sometimes pulls back so you can see the sets, ect, and things do not go as planned. Look for cartoon Julia Roberts in a cameo.

Also good is the Halloween show, It’s the Great Pancake, Cleveland Brown. There is no relationship to the Charlie Brown cartoon but it has an odd eulogy to David Carradine and a nod to a famous Mary Tyler Moore Show moment.

The best episode in The Cleveland Show The Complete Season Two is the last one, Hot Cocoa Bang Bang. The family visits Comic Con and this sets up a lot of very funny nerd jokes. The episode also pokes fun at the networks and Comic Con itself. Donna’s brief acting career in Blaxsploitation films is fun and the rickshaw chase scene respects Roger Ebert’s rule about fruit stands in chase scenes. Look for Comic Book Guy.

The Family Guy Quahog crew makes a cameo in Beer Walk on DVD 2

Much less successful is To Live and Die in Va  (DVD 3) where Cleveland and pals invest in a beer truck. The morbidly obese Kendra character is offensive and not just because it is an excuse for really bad fat jokes.  The writers also seem unable to do something consistent with Roberta.

Special features for The Cleveland Show The Complete Season Two are Deleted Scenes, commentary track for five episodes, Cleveland Jr’s Worry Journal, Cleveland at Comic-Con 2010, Hot Cocoa Bang Bang trailer, and Guest Star Showcase.

The Cleveland Show – The Complete Season One


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