The Mary Tyler Moore Show
The Complete Sixth Season
Mary Tyler Moore, Lou Grant, Betty White
Ted Knight, Gavin MacLeod, Georgia Engel
Originally aired 1975-76
3 DVD 24 Episodes
Fox Home Entertainment 2010

Season 6 of The Mary Tyler Moore Show features the sitcom classic Chuckles Bites the Dust (DVD 1). This situation comedy DVD set features 24 episodes on 3 DVD. This is the penultimate season of a classic seventies sitcom that is mostly still fresh and funny. Episode 2 of The Mary Tyler Moore Show season 6 has Mary feeling in a rut and getting a new apartment. This reflects the season itself as the show sometimes uses some tried and true set pieces to get some laughs.

Aside from the classic Chuckles Bites the Dust, season 6 of this seventies situation comedy includes Ted’s Moment of Glory where Ted (the great Ted Knight) gets a crack at being a game show host. Dian Parkinson of The Price is Right plays the model.

DVD 2 of this situation comedy’s season six includes Ted’s Wedding. That episode features an especially well-written piece where Mary and Lou discuss the theory of the self-fulfilling prophecy. John Ritter of Three’s Company plays the minister.

Season six of The Mary Tyler Moore Show DVD set also has the episode where Murray becomes Sue Ann’s producer and personal slave. The ending is predictable but still funny.

Perhaps the best thing about this situation comedy’s sixth season is Sue Ann Nivens (Betty White). Her vitriolic comments and digs are fun and allow the other characters to get a little mean too.

The season ends with Ted and Georgette adopting and then getting a big surprise.

The Mary Tyler Moore The Complete Sixth Season may not be the best seventies situation comedy DVD set but it is fun.

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