?Til Death The Complete Second Season
Brad Garrett, Joely Fisher, Kat Foster, Eddie Kaye Thomas
18 episodes 2 DVDs
Aired 2007-08
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

I really like ‘Til Death and season two of the situation comedy lives up to my expectations. Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Joely Fisher are great as the Starks, the older married couple, and Kat Foster and Eddie Kaye Thomas hold their own as the young couple next door, the Woodcocks. ‘Til Death The Complete Second Season features 18 episodes of a strike shortened season on 2 DVDs.

The dichotomy between the relationship veterans Starks and newbies Woodcocks is part of what makes this situation comedy so much fun. Both couples also have their own relationship issues which sometimes do not meet. Episodes in ‘Til Death season two include Eddie and Joy fighting about their idiosyncrasies and the Starks and Woodcocks competing over a neighbor’s funeral.

Although the dialogue is really good, the little details, such as the yearbook picture in episode 3, also add to the quality of the humor in this sitcom.

My favorite episode in ‘Til Death The Complete Second Season is episode 4, Tale of the Tape (DVD 1) where both the Starks and Woodcocks decide to watch an adult video to spice things up. Don’t worry; this is a prime time situation comedy, nothing naughty happens. The wine bottle episode, also on the first disc, is quite good too.

Also a favorite is Second Marriage Guy where Eddie is jealous of Carl’s rules for his second marriage and decides to set conditions on Joy. This being a situation comedy, he of course comes to his senses.

Episode 10, Really Big Brother, makes ‘Til Death politically correct by introducing a Black character. He is a bit sitcom cool Black dude stereotypical but there you go. It also doesn’t get much more original than the guy-who-can’t-roller-skate-goes-roller-skating.

‘Til Death The Complete Second Season is a very good situation comedy DVD box set.

Special features for this situation comedy DVD box set include 13 minutes of bloopers and 8 minutes of pre-show antics with Brad Garrett.


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