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Growing Pains Season 2
Alan Thicke, Joanna Keanrs, Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold
3 DVD 22 Episodes
Orignally aired 1986-87
Warner Home Video 2011

If the dearth of family friendly sitcoms on TV irritates you, there is always DVD sets and Growing Pains Season 2. Though this situation comedy overstayed its welcome by a couple of years, Growing Pains was a fun show where the kids were normal kids and the parents were not TV stupid parents. The Complete Second Season features 22 episodes on 3 DVD.

Growing Pains follows the adventures of the Seaver family. Dad Jason is a psychiatrist, Mom is a journalist, and the kids are heartthrob Mike (Kirk Cameron), brainy Carol (Tracey Gold), and goofy Ben. This is your typical situation comedy family and the show made it work most of the time even if none of the cast was a great actor.

The shows are on the fluffy side but this is after all a family sitcom. In one episode Maggie grounds Mike for lying and then grounds herself when caught in a lie. Jason starts feeling old so his wife plans a reunion and excuse for Alan Thick to sing (egads!). Mike sets up two dates for the same dance and learns ugly ducklings grow up over the summer. Carol tires to be popular by spreading a rumor about herself, a T.A has the hots for Mike, Maggie’s parents get an RV.

The show is a bit on the saccharine side and its annual “issue” show –in The Complete Second Season Mike is offered cocaine-  has a hammered to the viewer clear message and Hollywood ending.

Growing Pains Season Two finished 8th in the ratings. It seems a lot of people liked this family friendly easy going situation comedy.

Look for Gordon Jump of WKRP as Maggie s father.

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