Tosh.0 Vol. 4
collas plus exposed arms
21 shows 2 Blu-ray
Comedy Central 2014

Tosh.0 is an amusing Comedy Central TV show where comic Daniel Tosh presents various web videos and makes fun of them. He sometimes also gives one of the people in a given video a chance at redemption by inviting him or her on the show and having fun in a segment titled Web Rematch. Tosh.0  Volume 4: collas plus exposed arms features 21 such episodes on 2 blu-ray discs.

This is not a show you can binge watch as both the formula and Tosh get repetitive. It is the kind of thing you keep close to the blu-ray player when there is nothing much on TV and you want something fun and easy to watch.

My one real problem with the Tosh.0 series is the episodes are selected over various seasons so you do not really know what you get in each release. Many of the episodes here are from season 3

Some of the highlights in this set include an interview with pleasure coach Bob Patrick, a woman giving birth in her bathtub, wannabe actor Brian Atene who really extends his 15 minutes of fame, a horrible singer named Tay Zonday singing Chocolate Rain, and the Naked Wizard.

Special features are extended Redemption interviews and the uncut Tiptoes spoiler.

I suggest you save a couple of bucks and go for the DVD version. This is not the kind of show where high definition makes a difference.