Happy Thoughts
Daniel Tosh
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2011

The Daniel Tosh Happy Thoughts DVD features the unbleeped 58-minute full length performance by comic Daniel Tosh as well as the 42-minute bleeped version aired on Comedy Central. Tosh is a generally smart and clever comic who likes to make the audience aware of what he is doing with his material. On this stand-up comedy DVD the smart and clever is really not as obvious.

The show is a series of short observations or comments on not particularly recent events, his relationship, and other mundane topics. Unfortunately these Happy Thoughts are too often generic and Tosh uses blue language to support weak material

Comedy Central CD and DVD Reviews Page:

The jokes here also feel old. Tosh seems to recycle a few bits like Proposition 8, Michael Phelps smoking pot, and even some Michael Jackson jokes. His steroids and sports bit does not do anything until he gets to the Babe Ruth section. This segues nicely into a racism and the founding fathers.

The show and the DVD pick up somewhat with the high school commencement routine but gets banal again with the Jesse James – Sandra Bullock and Chris Brown – Rihanna.

There are a couple of decent bits on Happy Thoughts but not more than a couple.

This Comedy Central special feels tossed together haphazardly to fulfill a commitment. Tosh is a much better comic than this stand-up DVD and special show.

Happy Thoughts by Daniel Tosh is also available as a comedy CD


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