Comic and multitalented performer John Pinette died today April 6th 2014. Pinette was a rarity amongst stand-up comics in that he was clean, immensely likeable, and more than generous towards his audience.

I had the pleasure of seeing Pinette four or five times in Montreal including his first appearance agt Just For Laughs where he brought down the Club Soda house with his standard buffet routine.

There is no doubt Pinette will be remembered for “nay nay” and “You go now” but the routine I will always hold close to my heart is a variation on Nay Nay rides he performed at Just For Laughs where he talked about skiing at Mon Gabriel and saying Je Vous Salue Marie before launching down the hill. It was a classy acknowledgment to the Montreal crowd that was done so effortlessly and sincerely you knew he was not doing it to ingratiate himself.

Rest in peace, John Pinette. Thank you for the many belly laughs.

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