The Parental Advisory logo on John Pinette ‘s Show Me the Buffet is a minuscule little thing in the bottom left hand corner of the cover for this stand-up comedy CD. That is quite appropriate, really. This new, unedited version of Pinette’s classic first CD contains more or less 5 f@cks, 6 sh!ts, and a g-d or two. Nothing to write a nasty letter about.

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Show Me the Buffet – Parental Advisory version also features about 3 or 4 minutes worth of “new” material. This is segue stuff between the longer routines.  Though funny, it is not worth reinvesting if you already have this stand-up comedy CD -and you should.

This re-release also proves the uselessness of blue language when the material is strong. The parental advisory language does nothing here to enhance already solid material.

A few people dismissed John Pinette as just another fat jokes comic. Repeated listenings of this CD prove otherwise. Pinette is a fabulous storyteller whose schtick is that of a jovial guy put upon by the world.

Show Me the Buffet includes superb routines like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Buffet and The Water Park, The Slide, & The Tube, to name but a few. The only funny but dated piece is The Great Meat Recall but this comedy CD is more than 10 years old so there you go.

The one caveat I have about this John Pinette stand-up comedy CD is aside from the itty bitty Parental Advisory logo there is nothing to distinguish it from the original clean version. It would have been nice to make it a bit more different. Then again, Uproar! Probably thought a different cover would make people think this was a new release and they would be bummed and so on and so on.

The material in the clip does not represent the material on this CD

John Pinette Show Me the Buffet clean version

Show Me the Buffet
Parental Advisory version
John Pinette
Stand-up comedy CD
Originally issued Uproar! 1998
Uproar! 2010

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