The second John Pinette stand-up comedy CD Making Lite of Myself is the usual really good stuff by a stand-up comic who always delivers.

Having seen the early days of this show last year at one of the many sold out John Pinette Just For Laughs shows, having watched the two Pinette DVDs, I Say Nay Nay (the one with the ugly cover) and I’m Starvin’, there are familiar routines on this CD but any Pinette fan will very much enjoy Making Lite of Myself. The only repeat from his first CD Show Me The Buffet is the joke about noticing his weight loss in his face.

It is no surprise John Pinette spends a lot of time doing autobiographical material. He says he would rather make lite of himself than make jokes about others and be mean. Of course, Pinette discusses his latest dieting and healthy eating habits such as following the Subway diet and consulting with just about every form of nutritionist including a herbalist and trying the Atkins diet.

Not everything this stand-up comedian does is related to food and dieting. John Pinette is also very good at making fun of his many misadventures. This time around he tries out extreme sports such as skiing and camping in Stephen King country.

There is not a bad moment on Making Lite of Myself, the second Pinette CD. I enjoyed his family related misadventures after he bought a house to be closer to his loved ones. He learns the hard way a home is not quite the same as a hotel room and he should not have hired his sister as his interior decorator.

Also very funny on Making Lite of Myself is Pinette’s European food tour. Nobody likes English food and Pinette is no exception. His take on French food and wine tours is excellent. I kind of wish he had done a bit more with the Jamaican section.  No John Pinette performance is complete without a routine about buffets and a really funny song on the topic.

Just to be difficult Making Lite of Myself could close with stronger material than the toilet paper routine.

This being an Uproar! CD the sound is excellent. I also like the fact my all-time favorite comedy CD label seems to be moving away from the heavy plastic jewel cases.

John Pinette
Making Lite Of Myself
Stand-Up Comedy CD
Uproar! 2007
52 minutes

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