John Pinette is God. There are not that many stand up comics that can blow me away the very first time I see them. In fact, although I very much enjoy stand-up comedy and attend the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival every year and haunt comedy clubs, this has happened only once: John Pinette. I first saw John Pinette tell his funny stories and clean jokes at the Club Soda (a great place to see a show during the Just For Laughs festival) about 4 years ago and was totally awed by the man. I have never seen anyone like him and still have not seen anyone like him. To add to the experience, Pinette had placed free sampler copies of his first stand-up comedy CD Show Me The Buffet on the Uproar label on some of the tables and the first thing I did was go and buy the complete album without even listening to the free sampler.

I saw John Pinette again this summer in his one-man show and, again, he totally awed me. I have yet to see a comic so generous with his audience as John Pinette. He quickly establishes a rapport and then takes you into his world of buffet experiences, funny stories about his weight and the people around him, and his dislike of waterparks (although, as he says, he likes the water). It is a trip you will always be grateful for. His first comedy CD Show Me The Buffet on Uproar is a perfect mirror of the man and his act. Show Me the Buffet has 19 tracks dealing with buffets, Halloween (the Halloween Trick or Treat is a personal favorite amongst a comedy CD full of brilliant tracks), food, and even Elvis. The CD was produced by David Drozen and, as all Uproar stand-up comedy CDs, the sound is crystal clear and balanced throughout the CD. I mention this because too often I get the impression that CD labels send the apprentice engineer or producer to cut his teeth on recording comedy shows and the results can be awful. Uproar cares about the quality.

What I also admire about John Pinette is that he can play to his audience. I remember seeing a Just For Laughs special on Comedy Central or the Comedy Channel where he used local, Montreal stuff to tell his stories. Of course, all comics who play Just For Laughs do this but John Pinette is one of very few comics I have seen who does it sincerely and not in the “insert name of local landmark/store here” style you can spot a mile away. Again, this summer, John Pinette showed the same generosity to and care for his audience at the end of his show. This is why I now am the proud owner of a signed copy of Show Me The Buffet and there is no way it will ever leave my collection and this not only because I still regularly listen to this brilliant work by the brilliant stand up John Pinette.

Show Me The Buffet
John Pinette
Stand-up comedy CD

SHOW ME THE BUFFET Uproar 3785-2
1- Weight Watcher Friends
2- Halloween
3- The Great Meat Recall
4- Disneyworld In August / The Character Buffet
5- Las Vegas All you Can Eat
6- Grab & Move
7- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Buffet
8- Chinese Buffet / You Go Now
9- Japanese Food / Free Willy
10- The Water Park
11- Bungee Jump
12 World Hunger
13- Send’um Wheat
14- Indian Food / Gandhi
15- Sonna A Formato
16- A Gas Problem
17- When the Spice Hits
18- Chipmunk Funk
19- Elvis


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