Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas Spectacular DVD is a brilliant adult audience spoof of the Christmas TV special.

It will please redneck and Blue Collar Comedy fans and really surprise those who have given up on Larry. The show has “more Christmas spirit than you can fit in a fat woman’s underbritches” Filmed in Vegas, the Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Spectacular features a lot of Vegas names like Penn Jilette, Carrot Top, George Wallace, Tony Orlando. and scantily clad babes.

The Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas Spectacular is a lot better than the usual kind of somewhat crude and tasteless redneck comedy that has made the Cable Guy very, very rich and his audience very happy. Even if this is not the kind of Christmas TV special you would see in prime time on network TV, the special does follow the formula for this kind of show with a monologue from the star, a musical number -sort of-and comedy sketches.

Of course, one of the sketches is the short version of A Christmas Carol with Penn Jilette, Jamie, Kennedy, and Carrot Top as the ghosts. This is a very original take on the usual stuff that doesn’t wear out its welcome. Also enjoyable is Larry’s Christmas Party Tips and the redneck choir version of Away in a Manger (Somewhere there’s a Stripper).

The Santa Claus Roast is the highlight of the Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas Spectacular DVD. It stars Lisa Lampanelli, George Wallace, Mr. stink up a room himself Flavor Flav, Katt Williams, Lisa Lampanelli, and Vicki Lawrence as Mama. Again, this comedy sketch works because it is just long, really moves along, and features much better writing than what you see on the Comedy Central roasts. Just this bit is worth the price of the DVD. Lisa Lampanelli is great as Mrs. Claus:  “When Santa’s in the house, the stocking is the only thing that’s hung.”

Also excellent are the Larry claymation cartoon spoof and the letters to Santa bit that includes a good dig at Tom Cruise. The only bit that really doesn’t work is Kid Rock singing a song: what the ???

The closing sketch of Larry trying to put together a Christmas picture is priceless.

You just have to wonder how Larry managed to get such good writers for his Christmas Spectacular when his movies are written in crayon. Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Spectacular DVD is a keeper, really.

Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Spectacular
Larry the Cable Guy, Lisa Lampanelli, George Wallace
Jamie Kennedy, Carrot Top, Tony Orlando
Warner Brothers Nashville / Jack Records 2007
60 minutes

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