Notes to young comics: 1- Finish a thought or a sentence; preferably both. 2- Midget jokes? Done. Kyle Cease really starts being a comedian 10 minutes into his show. Weirder Blacker Dimpler is the second time I have a problem with the opening moments of a Kyle Cease stand-up comedy show, the first being is 2006 CD / DVD set. Once Cease settles in and generally starts using complete sentences for somewhat complete thoughts he is a fairly decent comic.

There are some really good, original bits on the Kyle Cease stand-up comedy DVD. I especially liked the short but very funny what it’s like to have a penis explanation he gives to the ladies in the audience. I was less impressed with his poo addition to the midget convention joke. I was really not impressed with the repetition of material he already did on One Dimple (Comedy Central, 2006) including the AAA Butte, Montana story, the second player on Super Mario bit, McDonald’s bathroom stall noises, Pillsbury doughboy, naming stars Dave, and Sunny D.

Cease often resorts to poo jokes and is generally not as solid and original as he shows he can be with his God routine. Cease is also not the most organized comic material wise and often goes on a tangent. This is fun when it works and more often than not lame when he resorts to crude bits and innuendo to save his ass.

There are really bad jump cuts on this DVD. One is from the God routine to the Ikea That’s Really Weird bit, the other is near the end of the show after he high fives, in his words, a bitch in the audience. I have never seen such blatant cuts on a major label release; even a blind guy could see them.

Kyle Cease Weirder Blacker Dimpler reminds me how I wish Kyle Cease had more to say and said something more often instead of  mostly surfing on such a superficial train of thought powered by poop jokes.

Track List:

My Family / Growing Up / What Would You Do? / Guys and Girls / That’s Weird / Driving / God / That’s Really Weird / Pirates / Disneyland / In the Kitchen / That’s Weirder / End

Weirder Blacker Dimpler
Kyle Cease
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2007
67 minutes
Extra Feature: Comedy 101 Documentary 60 minutes

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