Witless Protection
Larry the Cable Guy, Jenny McCarthy, Yaphet Kotto
Directed by Charles Robert Carner
Lions Gate 2008
98 minutes

The best thing you can expect from a Larry the Cable Guy DVD is not that awful. Witless Protection is not that awful. It does mislead the customer as the DVD box suggests Jenny McCarthy is a co-star when she only gets about 7 minutes of screen time. This is a stupid stupid comedy.

This is unibrow humor and in comparison to Larry’s acting abilities Jell-O emotes but this comedy is mindlessly entertaining. As the Ivana Milicevic character says to Larry, “Your attempts at humor are feeble, juvenile, and bigoted.”

Larry the Cable Guys “plays” a small town deputy sheriff and wannabe FBI agent. When four guys in black suits and shades escort Ivana Milicevic to the local diner he jumps to concussions, dee-cides she’s a being kidnapped, and rescues her by taking her from the four guys in black suits who turn out to be real FBI agents.

Witless Protection is basically a fish out of water (Milicevic) and chase scene comedy. It is a little scary to think someone like Larry the Cable Guy can outwit FBI agents even if they are rogue FBI agents but that is basically what goes on. The agents chase Larry who tries to ee-vayde perssweet while throwing in a few redneck racist remarks here and there: a “spade” joke at Kotto’s expense and Angelina Jolie adopting “jungle pygmies”

This Larry the Cable Guy DVD has its required and expected share of burps, farts, lighted farts, vomit, pms, and diarrhea jokes. There are the high points when it comes to humor.


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