Absolutely Free! , the independent release stand-up comedy CD by Canadian stand-up comic Alex Nussbaum is not free but it is definitely worth the price whatever it is.

Nussbaum is a very original, funny, likeable Canadian comic who mostly works clean with a couple of swear words and some adult references here and there.

Alex Nussbaum is mostly an observational and biographical stand-up comic whose forte is the short bit. In fact, there are 43 tracks on this comedy CD so if you do the math most stand-up routines last about a minute and a half. This comic is able to almost invisibly segue from one joke to another although he sometimes does not bother to do so which gives a bit of stream of consciousness feel to his act.

On Absolutely Free!  Nussbaum covers a very wide spectrum of topics from button-fly jeans, some biographical stuff, breakfast, barbers, labels, telemarketers, sleep and so on and so on. What I really like about this particular stand-up comedy CD is the comic’s punchlines are rarely if ever telegraphed and definitely never predictable. In fact, Nussbaum will definitely surprise even a veteran comedy fan when it comes to where he ends up with the joke. Also surprising is where the jokes can sometimes go. Although Alex Nussbaum comes across as a pretty likeable harmless guy some of his jokes can end on a pretty dark note.

This is not a totally flawless independent release stand-up comedy CD. Nussbaum does dwell on the retching sound a bit much on the Gag / Schnapps routine and he does go too long with the honking noise on the goose bit. I am also not convinced with inserting a studio recorded fake commercial in the middle of the act as I feel both instances where Nussbaum does so interrupt the listening pleasure. The sound, a personal hobby horse of mine, is also a bit uneven but nothing anyone less punctilious than I will really notice.

Then again, I am probably nitpicking. Absolutely Free!  by Alex Nussbaum is a high quality release both in terms of comedy and packaging. If you like intelligent and very funny stand-up comedy by someone who really knows where he is going and can take you to the unexpected places with even the most mundane material this is a stand-up comedy CD you will definitely enjoy.

Absolutely Free!
Alex Nussbaum
Stand-up comedy CD
Independent Releas3
57 minutes

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