Sometimes billed as Canada’s George Carlin, which is not that good a comparison based on At Least There’s Drinking and Carlin’sĀ uneveness over the last few years, Richard Lett is a solid, aggressive stand-up comic for adult audiences.

If comparisons are to be made, imagine a cross between a much darker and cruder Lewis Black, Jackie the Joke Man Martling, and former governor Jesse Ventura. This is definitely a strange mix but it works unless you are a sensitive soul.

This is a stand-up comedy CD for adults. Aside from one Pokemon joke you might want to share with your kids, every joke here is raw, very raw, but the humor is there. Richard Lett covers contemporary social issues such as gay marriage, drugs (both legal and illegal), sex, divorce, and hamsters.

Although this comedian can segue well from one topic to another, there is no particular thread to follow aside from the fact this comic definitely works blue, will go too far sometimes, nothing is sacred to him, and he is definitely funny.

Personal favorites are Alfred, the talking car bit, and the following track about hearing voices. His take on divorce is dark, his jokes about women definitely get him in trouble, yet he is about to make this kind of humor work.

One thing you must absolutely not do is get in this guy’s face during his set. His handling of hecklers is merciless. The sound on this comedy CD is excellent.

Richard Lett At Least There’s Drinking is one funny CD.

At Least There’s Drinking
Richard Lett
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release

Track list:

Call Me Dick
In America
Gay Marriage
Drugs in America
Anal Leakage
Whiskey Dick
The Voices
A Cry For Help
Al Least There’s Drinking
Mad Cow
Orange Alert
Non-custodial Parent
Hamster Offing
Hamster Person
Don’t Drive
Operation G Spot
Going Too Far
We Don’t Care
Homophobic About Myself
Going Way Too Far


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