Everyone Loves A Smug Bastard, the independent release stand-up comedy CD by stand-up comic Fraser Young is solid. It also gains a lot from two or three more listenings before you decide where it will go in your comedy CD collection. Fraser Young is a rapid-fire comedian whose scattered and eclectic approach and somewhat California beach boy voice asks that the audience pay close attention to get all the jokes.

This comic’s forte is comedy of the absurd and of exaggeration (a somewhat lost art) with a good dose of observational and autobiographical material. Fraser Young is a very audience friendly stand-up comic whose occasional use of the four letter word will only offend the most sensitive soul though a couple of the bits at the end of the CD are more for a mature (i.e. comedy) audience. Young does not break any new comedic ground but he is highly original and able to surprise even a veteran comedy fan like, for example, with the Jehovah Witness bit.

His subject matter includes water, online degrees, dream interpretation, conflict with your neighbour, and material based on various gleanings and readings such as the very funny bit about the Greeks cheating at the Special Olympics. Surprisingly enough, even with such a not quite sure where this is going approach Fraser Young manages a few elegant segues here and there as well as a couple of good callbacks.

The title of this independent release, Everyone Loves A Smug Bastard as well as the track list is deceptive and does not really represent the content. This is an stand-up comedy CD that constantly surprises and always makes you smile or laugh. The sound quality here (a personal hobby horse, I know) is absolutely perfect.

Fraser Young is a comic I will definitely go see live.

Fraser Young
Everyone Loves A Smug Bastard
Stand-up comedy CD
Independent Release
47 minutes

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