Alex Nussbaum’s A Number of Bits is the perfect stand-up comedy album to take on a long trip.

This may be an odd comment but I think an easy to listen to, audience friendly, clean, and very varied set that bears repeated listenings is the kind of mp3 I would take on the road or on a trip. This is exactly what Nussbaum delivers here.

Nussbaum does not reinvent anything here but he has a great talent for doing very short bits that flow together seamlessly. For example, he goes from yard sales to his problems with Jurassic Park III or from camping to the little difference between doves and pigeons.

Other great bits include one on clothing made by children where Nussbaum really sets up the moaners in the audience, why women use make-up, pho, and pretty much everything else.

You will also enjoy Alex Nussbaum’s previous CD Absolutely Free and there’s a link to our review of that just below.

A Number of Bits
Alex Nussbaum
Comedy MP3 album
Independent Release 2014


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