And Justice For Y’All, the independent comedy CD by stand-up comic Todd Justice is definitely unique.

Unique in a very good way though. This stand-up comedian’s approach to jokes is the jab. He will line up a series of short jokes and punchlines to set you up for the ultimate knockout. While most stand-up comics are into observational humor and relationship jokes built into a story, Todd Justice often dispenses with the usual framework of the funny story on And Justice For Y’All and goes right to the quick setup and punchline joke. At first, this will probably make the listener wonder what exactly is this guy doing but it does not take long at all before you figure out that Justice is a very adroit stand-up comic.

Todd Justice shows on And Justice For Y’All, his independent release comedy CD, a passion for the non sequitur. His material does not follow the A to B to C standard approach. This does not mean Justice is not doing a tight set or that he is all over the place. This stand-up comic has simply decided to have a style and approach all his own and he more than has the talent to get away with it.

Case in point is track 6 on this funny CD, Confessions, where Justice goes from confession (and funny and original take on touchy-feely priests) to Mary and Joseph on Springer, his grandfather’s view of funerals, confessions of what he thinks of certain regions of the states, going to see a topless show with your mother, various implements and airport security. These are some major comedic leaps that Todd Justice can string together without a single knot showing.

Make It Worse, the closing track on And Justice For Y’all is definitely another highlight on a very solid and original independent release stand-up comedy CD. Todd Justice uses his ability to get along and play along with the audience to take a joke and make it worse and worse and worse as prompted by the audience. He ends with a bit of useful marital advice.

Todd Justice And Justice For Y’All is solid. Different, but solid.

And Justice For Y’All
Todd Justice
Independent Release Stand-up Comedy CD
47 minutes

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