I Started Out As A Child is a very early Bill Cosby comedy CD and a minor one at that. This is good, clean comedy, of course, but there are no absolute classics on this particular release aside, perhaps, from Street Football¬†¬† with the quarterback calling the play: “Cosby. You go down to Third Street and catch the J bus. Have him open the doors at 19th Street. I’ll fake it to you.”

In many ways, I Started Out As A Child was recorded at a time when Bill Cosby was still looking for his voice as a stand-up comic. There is a little bit of everything here although, as the title suggests, childhood stories are already at the center of the material.

This particular Cosby comedy CD features a very rare appearance by another of his brothers, James in the track Christmas Time about waiting for Santa Claus.

The Giant is a childhood memory of perceiving his father as a giant (although the fact Cosby mentions his father would booze it up is definitely different from what we are used to hearing.)

Still, any kid who has heard his father come home and hang his pants will connect to Cosby’s reaction when he hears the change fall out and roll on the floor. Oops! is probably the track most often played off this CD. It is about a doctor making a mistake, “Oops!”

Aside from Street Football, the other very good track is Lone Ranger -another comedy radio favorite– on how Tonto would always get beat up in the show. Cosby fans will recognize TV Football as an early version of Hofstra on Why Is There Air?

The rest of the tracks on this particular Bill Cosby comedy CD are fun but of minor interest. Check out our Bill Cosby comedy download page

Bill Cosby
I Started Out As A Child,
Stand-up comedy CD
Originally released in 1964
Warner Brothers
31 minutes

Track list:

Street Football
The Water Bottle
Christmas Time
The Giant
The Lone Ranger
Ralph Jameson
My Pet Rhinoceros
Half Man
Rigor Mortis
The Neanderthal Man
TV Football


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