200 M.P.H. is yet another classic though lesser-known and now harder to find Bill Cosby comedy CD.

When comedy radio stations want to play a long track they usually go for the Noah triptych or the brilliant For Russell, My Brother, Whom I Slept With and not the title track of this stand-up comedy CD 200 MPH.

The flaw with this particular CD is aside from the title track there is only about 13 minutes of extra comedy.

200 M.P.H. is the story of Bill Cosby getting himself a Shelby Cobra -faster than anything Steve McQueen owns– and living, thankfully, to regret it. The art in this track is how he gets the audience involved at first by riffing with them and taking a few jabs at Volkswagen owners (at that time, the Beetle, now all the other Volks and the New Beetle) before getting down to telling the story.

Cosby has always excelled creating the sound effects in his routine and this track is no exception. Many however, may not get the punchline to this story when he tells the deliveryman to give the car to Governor George Wallace. Wallace was a segregationist running for President at the time.

This Bill Cosby comedy CD includes one of the best relationship joke bit ever in The Wife where Cosby, unlike many other comedians who never manage to, tells his male audience how to win an argument with the wife.

To be fair, that kind of special knowledge should not be revealed in a review so you will have to listen to the track to discover Cosby’s secret. The other tracks, Mothers and Fathers, The Grandfather are known territory for the Jell-O man and good stuff though not his best on the subject.

A minor track on 200 M.P.H. is Dogs and Cats. Fun stuff but we are talking Cosby standards here.

There are, believe it or not, people out there who dismiss Bill Cosby’s contribution and importance to American stand-up comedy. For those few, I dare them to find any other stand-up comic who, in a 5-year period, from Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow, Right! to 200 M.P.H. has contributed so many classic, beloved, famous, still funny, and instantly recognized comedy routines. Check out our Bill Cosby comedy download page

Bill Cosby
200 M.P.H
stand-up comedy CD
Originally released 1968
Warner Brothers
35 minutes

Track List:

Mothers And Fathers
The Wife
The Grandmother
Dogs And Cats
200 M.P.H.


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