Revenge is of the half dozen or so stand-up comedy CDs Bill Cosby released yearly in the sixties. Cosby’s comedy output in those years simply amazes by its consistency in terms of quality and of how many now classic comedy routines he created in those very prolific years. Revenge is, of course, another very family friendly clean stand-up comedy CD. comedy download at Amazon: Revenge

On a Bill Cosby stand-up comedy CD the problem is deciding which track, well tracks really, are classics and which are simply up to the Jell-O man’s usual high standards. Revenge features three back-to-back absolute classics, the kind of track anyone who has ever listened to stand-up comedy is familiar with and always smiles when it starts to play on a radio comedy show.

Here, these tracks are Cool Covers, 9th Street Bridge, and Buck Buck. Cool Covers is something anyone can relate to as we have all at some point in time believed in the magic powers of covers to protect you from the monsters in your closet (as long as nothing sticks out from under the covers, of course). This track opens with Cosby being told he was Protestant: Hey, Man!

9th St. Bridge is the classic Bill Cosby stand-up comedy track about going to see a horror movie double-header (no pun intended) with Ol’ Weird Harold, who was 6′ 9′ and weighed 50 pounds. The boys stay for a few too many shows and have to walk home and cross the Ninth Street Bridge.

The third classic of classics on Bill Cosby Revenge is, of course, Buck, Buck with Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids playing a very strange pile them on game. Hey hey hey!

Bill Cosby Revenge, aside from these absolutely classic comedy tracks features a lot of very solid and enjoyable clean comedy that have definitely stood the test of time. The title track, Revenge, is about Cos storing a snowball in the freezer to get even with Junior Barnes who threw a slush ball at him. Any fan of comedy has to admire the construction of this very funny story. Two Daughters is about being the father of two very different girls. Two Brothers is another brilliant stand-up comedy routine about having to baby-sit his two brothers.

Anyone who has been around kids will absolutely crack up when they hear Bill Cosby’s dead on imitation of the crying patterns of young children.

Weirdly enough, some modern listeners might disagree Revenge is family friendly clean comedy only because there is a track where Bill Cosby tells a story about being caught smoking in the boy’s room. Well, they can always take it as an opportunity to set their kids up for a “meaningful discussion”.

The lesser known tracks on this stand-up comedy CD is Planes, a minor airplane joke routine, The Tank, about playing with the toilet, and wives, a solid relationship story about the difference between married and single women and the sleeping pattern of the married man. Any married couple who has heard this track has exchanged a knowing look.

Bill Cosby Revenge is yet another great stand-up clean comedy CD from the master.  Check out our Bill Cosby comedy download page

Bill Cosby
Stand-up comedy CD
Warner Brothers 1967
42 minutes

Track List:

Two Daughters
Two Brothers
The Tank
Cool Covers
9th Street Bridge
Buck, Buck


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