Rocky Laporte is a very funny comedian. In a world overpopulated by hyperactive comics, Laporte’s laid-back and puzzled tone is a very welcome change. Welcome To My World is the major label re-release of Rocky Laporte’s independent stand-up comedy CD Who Knew? It is nice to see Laporte get wider distribution. If you like original and non-aggressive stand-up with some adult language, you are going to really enjoy this CD.

Welcome To My World opens with a dated joke (today, who knows tomorrow) about the high price of gas. It very quickly moves into a very funny bit about Laporte’s hearing, court or otherwise, that becomes one of the callbacks on the CD. This is followed by a good bit about growing up, and an excellent stand-up routine about the L.A. Zoo. Laporte really puts you there and his surprised disappointment is easy to understand.

Rocky Laporte’s forte is the short two or three joke routine. The zoo bit is followed by one on fishing for compliments, visors, and camping (the title for track 5 is Camping but the bit begins track 6).

The next routine is about people asking if you know somebody else. It and the grandkids bit are decent.  They would less so if done by another comic but Laporte’s very likeable style somehow makes the material funnier.

Another good bit on the Rocky Laporte CD is Bad Breath. This is where Laporte’s ability to build a smart, seemingly simple but complex series of jokes is most apparent. Working Out is much better than the usual fare on the topic.  His Hoosier State joke is one you will want to remember if you know somebody there.

Rocky Laporte then engages the audience a bit with memories and comments about School. He slips in a couple of jokes about going to a Catholic school and how things were not as safe back then. It’s okay stuff.

This stand-up comedy CD closes with bits about travelling and second marriages.

Welcome To My World
Rocky Laporte
Stand-up Comedy CD
Uproar! Comedy 2010
40 minutes

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