What’s So F#@k’n Funny? by Brett Eidman is a stand-up  comedy CD featuring studio recorded sketches, funny songs, and fake funny commercials that simply does not float my boat.

Released on Uproar this CD features the usual high quality production values that makes this label my favorite when it comes to comedy.

If What’s So F#@k’n Funny?  is not going to be on the top two or three shelves of my voluminous comedy CD collection the fault may be mine.

I am not a big fan of sketch comedy, especially when it is recorded in a studio and not live, and not really partial to the funny song and this CD by Brett Eidman is a collection of both. The comedy here is also heavy on dick jokes and that is a matter of taste.

Brett Eidman is a funny guy; the problem is the comedy sketches run too long. A perfect example of this is The Priest Molestation Hotline sketch: someone calls this hotline and gets the recorded message listing the options. This is very funny at first but lasts longer, over 3 minutes, than the joke itself.

The same thing can be said about the Blozo the clown sketch. The premise is very good, and I very much enjoyed the extra touch of the noise Blozo’s shoes make, but the story of the clown quitting his balloon animal making job at a restaurant, going to a bar and getting a lap dance loses a lot of its charm after a while. OB/GYN is a raunchy bit about a nun going to a perverted gynecologist. Again, good set up but too long.

The funny songs on What’s So F#@k’n Funny? are not bad. Don’t Like Bush suffers from being interrupted by an audio clip of George Bush speaking. Please Don’t Marry The Jew and My Underwear Grew (an Elvis style ditty) will probably be enjoyed by those who really like the genre and might find themselves on a Dr. Demento compilation one day. The CD features a clean version of both of these songs.

The weakest bit here is Invitation, a recorded message whose sound quality makes it hard to understand.

There is definitely an audience out there for this stand-up comedy CD. Unfortunately, I am not it.

What’s So F#@K?N Funny?
Brett Eidman
Stand-up comedy CD
Uproar 2006
37 minutes
Parental Advisory

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