What Women Want
Brian Scott McFadden
Stand-up Comedy download
Rooftop Comedy 2010

What Women Want is a dumb title for an excellent stand-up comedy mp3 download.

Granted it is the title of a routine and of a set-up on the CD but What Women Want and the cover give the impression Brian Scott McFadden is a sexist or pompous relationship comic. In fact, McFadden is an intelligent, versatile, and excellent comic and this is a very good CD.

McFadden impresses right off the bat with a variation on the premise women want a guy with a sense of humor. The crowd is smart enough to get the allusions to literature (or is it Disney?). Though I much prefer long form stand-up, the short routines here allow the comic to cover a lot of ground and styles.

Especially good routines on this comedy download are many. They include Crazy NYC / Subway Guy. The title track, What Women Want and the segue FFW Button are brilliant. McFadden pushes the button just long enough on FFW to make the joke work to its fullest. The closer, CNN Guy is also really funny.

I really wish he had done more with the screwed-up family greeting cards premise.

The CD also showcases the stand-up s other talents such as accents and imitating Eddie Murphy. His callbacks are excellent.

What Women Want by Brian Scott McFadden does contain a couple of facile jokes such as “Why are there no B batteries” but a couple means two so who cares. The Segue bit could have been dropped.

You know you are nitpicking when all you have to bitch about is the stupid title of a stand-up comedy download. It was that or the cover itself.

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