From the very start of What Women Want, his 2010 stand-up comedy mp3 download album,  Brian Scott McFadden comes off as a likeable guy with the aim of entertaining as many people as he can.  He delivers.

McFadden’s resume covers a wide range of achievements, from performing as Hamlet in New York, to nationally televised comedian, to accomplished voice actor.  He uses every tool in his comedy repertoire to get the most laughs out of every joke.

This stand-up comedy mp3 album covers a wide array of topics and types of humor.  McFadden will impress you with various dialects, funny stories, and great character humor while talking about the news, New York City, being a comedian, and relationships.  He knows the topics very well and delivers jokes from multiple perspectives and commentaries on each one.  To put it blatantly, he is not a one-trick pony.

His best bit by far has to be the title track, “What Women Want”.  In it, he performs an incredibly well written rant about the hypocrisies of, well, what women want.  He uses great word play, excellent comedic timing and rhythm, and a strong presence to absolutely nail this joke.  The only thing I would have changed was to make it the last track.

On a related note, the worst part about this album is that it is very inconsistent.  McFadden will go from great track to poor track back and forth and back and forth.  The bright side is that his worst tracks are all relatively short, while his better tracks are longer, so the listener never has too long to wait for a new subject matter.

All in all, What Women Want by Brian Scott McFadden is a very enjoyable digital download for just about everybody.  There is little McFadden needs to do before he’s ready to produce a great album.

What Women Want
Brian Scott McFadden
Stand-up Comedy download
Rooftop Comedy 2010

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