There is not a single bad joke on Brian Stollery second stand-up comedy album For Brian Out Loud.

Stollery is a mostly clean, quick delivery comic whose interests and topics vary wildly from one short bit to another. This keeps the audience on its toes and interested all the way through this 45-minute set. For Brian Out Loud is going to make our top 10 list for 2015 (when I get around to it). For Brian Out Loud is available both as a comedy download or as a CD

Stollery cuts a wide swath: The woman who used her local library to do adult videos, expressions people use when someone croaks (which leads to a nice callback later), the fun of shopping at Value Village (Savers in the U.S.) for an instant education or mechanical skills, getting old, relationship stuff, and so on.

If Stollery ever hits your town, make sure he does “This Property Has Been Staged” where descriptions of his partner and himself are delivered in real estate ads. It is one of the funniest and tightest bits I have heard all year.

Stollery gets a little raunchy with “Caulking”  There is a fine line between a clean but adult audience routine and sophomoric humor. This stand-up up never crosses the line towards dumb.

Another thing Stollery does well on this comedy album is sprinkle his topical material. There are a few autobiograpical bits and segments about getting older and such but since they are not linear you do not have time to get bored with the topic.

Brian Stollery For Brian out Loud is worth every penny and even the shipping and handling fee if you go for the comedy CD instead of the MP3 version.

For Brian Out Loud
Brian Stollery
Stand-up Comedy download or CD
Independent 2015

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