Tim Wilkins is a good, funny stand-up comic.  His independent release stand-up comedy CD Big Time Comedian is very enjoyable and shows this guy is not new at this game.  Do not let the fact he has opened for Julio Iglesias turn you off.  This is a humorous clean comic who knows what he is doing.

His quick impression of Bobcat Goldthwait is dead on and Tim Wilkins has enough métier not to overdo or milk the impression.  He just throws it in for a laugh and then moves on.  He also does a good Black sergeant and when he imitates his wife she sounds exactly like Flip Wilson’s Geraldine (or a bit likeTim Allen’s stage wife).  His whale imitations are also dead on.

This is a comic who is hard to pigeonhole into a category.  He is not above an airplane joke or two but he easily shifts to observational humor, biographical jokes, and, like any self-respecting married comedian, relationship humour.  There is definitely something for everyone on this independent release comedy CD but it doesn’t feel staged or forced as if he was trying to cover all his market bases.

Wilkins also effortlessly works the segue and, always proof of a good stand-up comedian, the recall.  His mix of Mexican food and Titanic the Leonardo The Crappy-o movie is very funny, as is his take on what is in a woman’s bathroom and the cleaning habits of men and women.  Of course, like any normal guy, he has the talent for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to his wife.  Fortunately, those comic situations and comebacks are fresh and will make you laugh.

The only negative point about Big Time Comedian is Tim Wilkins leaves you wanting more.  Not that this comedy CD is too short (some 45 minutes is pretty good) but the last track, Spoiled Kids, ends just when you want to know more about what happened in that situation.

The sound quality, always a pet peeve, on Big Time Comedian is good, almost excellent in fact aside from one bit where he seems to be a bit far from the mike for a short time and the fact the tone from a couple of tracks to the next couple is a bit off as if, and this is probably the case, this is a mix of various recorded sets.

There is also a ready for radio crank call as a bonus track and as those things go it is pretty decent.

Big Time Comedian by Tim Wilkins is a solid, clean CD.  Not necessarily family fare mind you but clean.

Big Time Comedian
Tim Wilkins
Stand-Up Comedy CD
Independent Release

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