Hitting the Wall by Chris Strait is a very enjoyable stand-up comedy mp3 album. Strait is a biographical comic who mostly plays off his experience growing up or being a dad. This comic does short but well-connected bits with some adult language. My hesitation about this comedy album is I kept getting the feeling Strait could have easily pushed himself and some of his material to a higher level.

For example he does little with one of his most promising premises: growing up the only white kid in a Black neighborhood. He skips over another: how easily offended people have ruined everything.

This said Chris Strait is very good at fooling the audience’s expectations, “We’d play cops and robbers. I was always playing the same guy … the witness.” I just wish he’d do it more often: Some of his observations are fresh but others are rather commonplace and it’s pretty fifty-fifty.

It is probably unfair to partly judge a stand-up comedy album on what you think the comic can do but there you go.

Hitting the Wall
Chris Strait
Stand Up Comedy MP3 Album
Next Round Entertainment 2012

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