Just Go With It
Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Brooklyn Decker
Directed by Dennis Dugan
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2011

Just Go With It is a very good 90-minute comedy that is 116 minutes long. Like many a Adam Sandler movie producer Adam Sandler forgot to tell his star that not everything planned for the movie has to end up on screen. He also should have realized neither Nick Swardson nor his Dolph Lundgren character are anything close to funny or useful. That said, even if there are a few unnecessary scenes and a useless character added, Just Go With It is fun. It just could have been excellent.

Sandler plays his usual character. This time it is plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee. The reason why Danny is single and wants to stay that way is shown early on in the movie and almost kills it. Danny learns wearing a wedding ring is a sure fire way to pick up girls. This works fine until he meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). Stuff happens and Palmer wants to meet his non-existent ex-wife and kids.

Danny gets Katherine, his receptionist (Jennifer Aniston) to play the former Mrs. Maccabee and then gets her kids to play his kids. This costs him a trip to Hawaii where everybody has to keep up the charade. Unfortunately for the viewer his brother Eddie (Swardson) comes along as Mrs. Maccabee’s new boyfriend Dolph. Swardson, Eddie, and Dolph are all as annoying and lame as they are a waste of screen time.

You know everything has to eventually fall apart. That is in part to set up the ending you can pretty much predict fifteen or so minutes into the movie. For some reason that ending is shoved in the last five minutes of this 116 minute comedy.

Just Go With It could have been a really good comedy. As is, it is something you do not mind watching but you tend to want to fast forward through some scenes.

By the way, can someone from Just Go With It explain why they dubbed in the sound of a shutter camera when Danny is clearly using a digital? Please?

Just Go With It Blu-ray and DVD Bonus Features include: Blooper Reel;

Deleted Scenes; Featurettes; Commentary with Adam Sandler, Nick Swardson, and producers Allen Covert, Tim Herlihy and Steve Koren; Commentary with Director Dennis Dugan

Exclusive Blu-ray Bonus Features Include: All the material above, plus 11 Minutes of Additional Deleted Scenes; 9 Featurettes;and movieIQ+sync and BD-Live

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