If only for the closing comedy bit Ode to John about a BDSM experience where Cherith Fuller is forced to listen to Donald Trump speeches, Cool, Chill Girl is a stand-up comedy download well worth buying

The rest of Cool, Chill Girl is also quite enjoyable but it is the closing routine that makes this explicit comedy album stand out.

Cherith Fuller is a very autobiographical comic whose material centers around her sexual experiences. Normally, such material is of limited interest and a lot of it on the same comedy album would wear down the listener’s patience, especially mine. Normally is the key word here.

Fuller is a very likeable comic whose conversational, non-agressive style makes you want to listen to what she has to say. The writing, such as in Home Depot Hunk. shows Fuller does not go for the easy joke and instead chooses something much more interesting and funny.

Perhaps the best audience for Cool, Chill Girl by Cherith Fuller is a single woman with a healthy libido as this is basically what this comedy download album is really all about. On the other hand, anybody who enjoys smart, well-written and told comic material will enjoy this MP3 album.

I really look forward to more from Cherith Fuller. I would not hesitate at all to catch her live if the occasion came up.

Cool, Chill Girl
Cherith Fuller
Stand-up comedy download
Jabroni Records 2020

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