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Darren Frost delivers the smartest and best of edgy stand-up comedy. Any Frost comedy album is an exploration of our darkest thoughts by a genius holding the pitchfork and doing a little jig just to get on your nerves. Story Yelling is now my favorite of his downloads because the comic finally has an audience willing and able to go along for the ride.

How many stand-up comics do you know have a superb bit about suicide? Okay, maybe you can name one but does it include the benefits of jumping in front of a subway? I can guarantee however there is no one out there who has a brilliant bit about the 9/11 memorial gift shop and one of the best punchlines ever.

Dark stand-up comedy almost always includes material about Catholicism. Darren Frost is no exception but his is the smartest and best-written routine ever. This is before he goes after Notre-Dame Cathedral and follows with a solution to pedophile priests that involves Cheesies. Any comic who hears the Cheesie joke will bow to Darren Frost.

If I have not convinced you yet that Frost is the master of dark comedy let me try this. The next joke is about a pedophile dog. It gets even better in the end.

Other material on Darren Frost Story Yelling includes a misadventure in a shady massage parlor and his kidney stones experience complete with bone chilling sound effects.

Frost closes in a way that will stick with you forever … or until you wash.

If you know someone who thinks they have a sense of humor, take them to a Darren Frost show. You will find out the truth real fast.

Story Yelling
Darren Frost
Stand-up Comedy Download
Available at comedywhore.com

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