Not the Gym Teacher is an enjoyable stand-up comedy download by self-described gender queer comic Kelli Dunham.

It follows the recent trend of very biographical stand-up comics whose material is all about themselves. I usually find it rather boring, irrelevant, and uninteresting. This is not the case here. The MP3 album also features two solid bonus tracks.

Not the Gym Teacher opens with a story about Kelli Dunham’s experience doing a particular show. It is decent but not what I would have started a set with. It is a little too messy.

The core material on this album is about Dunham being on the road and her identity. This is where it gets interesting. There is an honesty and generosity in the routines that make them superior to most of what I have heard in the genre. Usually, the comic puts himself or herself down in the process but Dunham just states the material as fact and embraces it.

Not the Gym Teacher closes with two bonus tracks. The first is being raised in a very Christian family, the second is about Dunham’s experience at Bible college. These alone are worth the price of this stand-up comedy download.

Not the Gym Teacher
Kelli Dunham
Stand-up comedy MP3 album download
Comedy For People 2020

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