A Collection of My Favorite Lies is an entertaining 60-minute show by Paul Ogata. there is something for everyone in the show.

Paul Ogata opens with the observation we all lie which segues nicely into b.s. job titles like mixologist and b.s. jobs like life coach. His Ebola jokes tied in with the government lies material are dated but funny enough.

What is obvious in My Favorite Lies is how tight the writing is. One topic segues very smoothly into another and even the little crowd work he does gets a wicked callback at the end of the show.

Not everything is ground breaking in this show. Young people vs in my days and bitching about modern music has been done. Really done.

A little too facile is the bit about Chinese Olympic athlete names like She So Young for the gymnast. You do forgive Ogata for it as the rest of his set makes up for this.

Paul Ogata closes strong with a bit on porn shops and what is inside. It is not totally fresh but it is still strong material.

There is one thing that got in the way of my enjoying this comedy DVD and it is Ogata commenting on the audience’s warmish reaction to some of his stuff. They are not wrong at that particular time.

A Collection of my Favorite Lies
Paul Ogata
Comedy Video stream
BseenMedia 2021
60 minutes

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