Louis Ashamallah has been around for some ten years and Me and My (5:00) Shadow is his first independent release stand-up comedy CD.

This comedy CD may not be perfect but Ashamallah’s talent and most of his material more than make up for its few weak points which make this release a pretty good CD overall. ¬†As you might have guessed from the name, Ashamallah is from the Middle-East, of Egyptian descent to be precise, so the post 9/11 world we live in definitely provides a lot of the material on Me & My (5:00) Shadow, his independent release stand-up comedy CD. Not that Ashamallah is your typical Muslim comic (he is Presbyterian) because he is more than able to expand beyond the race card and do your more common observational and biographical stand-up comedy.

Me & My (5:00) Shadow shows a stand-up comic who has been around for a while, has some very good material (I particularly enjoyed the bit about his Southern wife and the concept of Egyptian rednecks, I even wish he had done more with this bit) but still sounds, for some reason, a bit insecure. Louis Ashamallah sometimes tends to oversell the joke and is sometimes guilty of asking the audience to “show the love”. This is a bit hard to understand as the material on this independent release stand-up comedy CD usually does not need to be driven home hard and Ashamallah is good enough a stand-up comic not to need to ask the audience for its support.

Ashamallah has many strong points as a stand-up comic. He does very good accents without overdoing them or milking them too long, his material on this stand-up comedy CD is usually original, a little edgy without being blue or dirty. This is a comic who can do material about old standards like Starbucks and make it different and original. This is also true for his bit on shopping. Louis Ashamallah could work a bit on his segues but, again, this is not enough to turn off any stand-up comedy fan off this CD.

In the end, Louis Ashamallah is a stand-up comic I would make an effort to go see live and whose stand-up second comedy CD I will definitely want to hear. Meanwhile, Me & My (5:00) Shadow is an independent release that will find its way back into my comedy rotation from time to time.

If you like Ahmed Ahmed or Russell Peters, you are going to like this comic.

Louis Ashamallah
Me & My (5:00) Shadow
Independent Release Comedy CD
45 minutes

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