My initial reaction to the new Slade Ham stand-up comedy CD was a mixture of “Took you long enough” and “What took you so long, dude?”

This said, Three-Legged Unicorn is very good stand-up by a rather dark but somewhat less caustic than before stand-up comic. Ham is a social commentator and biographical comic whose material is aimed at people who understand life is not squeaky clean so neither is comedy.

The centerpiece on Three-Legged Unicorn is an excellent long form biographical routine about a psychotic girlfriend. We’re not talking here your usual stand-up comedy funny psychotic but certifiable psychotic. The 20-mimnute routine begins with track 9 Enter the Psycho and closes the show with The One that Got Away. This is excellent stuff and closes well but I would have preferred something a little more biting as a finale.

Other bits on this Slade Ham CD include a good routine about being a kid back when the world wasn’t all helmeted, observational material about our pop-a-pill culture, and life as a comic working in Irak and how Creed could end the war.

The most unusual routine on Three-Legged Unicorn is track 6 Aransas Cat. It involves a feral cat and a comedy club during the afternoon. Ham knows how to tell a story and this one is funny as hell too.

The lesser bit is the Mexican neighbors bit. Oh well, nothing is perfect.

Three-Legged Unicorn by Slade Ham is a very good stand-up comedy CD

Three-Legged Unicorn
Slade Ham
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent release 2010

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