Although he is a funny comedian, Dana Gould is a little uneven. His first stand-up comedy CD, Fun House, proves that time and again.

Dana Gould tells funny jokes and funny stories but doesn’t quite seem to have settled down in terms of the kind of stand-up comic or comedian he is. Not to play amateur psychologist, but even the packaging of Fun House shows this dichotomy.

On the front cover Dana Gould looks like a young upcoming stand-up comic, on the back he looks like yet another angry mid-forties comedian. The material on Fun House is uneven too. There are very funny stories and jokes, especially when Dana Gould sticks to what seems to be more autobiographical material such as growing up in Hopedale, Mass, dating, and his first few years as a stand-up comic.

Where Dana Gould is not at his best, and this is what makes Fun House uneven, is when he tries to make funny jokes and comment on society and current events. Dana Gould’s take on society and people is not particularly original, few funny comics are, but it is also not particularly funny. You are not quite sure where he is coming from and who this stand-up comic is who is saying these things.

Lewis Black is funny because when you listen to him complain about the world you have the impression you know who Lewis Black is and where he is coming from. The same can be said about George Carlin or Bill Maher or name your favorite angry comic.

This cannot be said about Dana Gould on this stand-up comedy CD. The character of the funny comic who tells you funny stories about his early years in the business and his funny dating mishaps doesn’t carry over to more societal humor such as Los Angeles, CA and Let’s Improve Boxing.

Fun House is a hit and miss comedy┬áCD mostly because Dana Gould’s persona as a stand-up comic is hit and miss. Gould tells funny stories but he is not always a funny guy.

Most annoying about Fun House is Dana Gould continues the tradition many comics feel they must also continue so the last track, Clown F….er, is a song. Funny guys should have learned by now that a comic is a comic and a singer is a singer and never the twain should meet.

Fun House
Dana Gould
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