Dana Gould fans will be pleased to hear the rerelease of his 1998 stand-up comedy CD Fun House, this time on the Stand Up! Records label.

There is not that much comedy out there that can still sound fresh slightly more than ten years later but aside from a couple of references the material here does. For those who care, this is adult audience comedy but not aggressively so.

The oddest thing about listening to this Dana Gould stand-up comedy CD, something I had done quite a few times with the original release, is you keep getting that feeling of déjà heard. I am not sure if it is because some of the stand-up here is memorable, such as what happens when you laugh at a retard joke, or if it is because I have since heard other comics who have … borrowed … the joke. Being too lazy to track it down, I’ll put it down to déjà heard.

Other memorable routines here include the biographical series that includes Hopedale, Mass with a great bit on panhandling. When Your Folks Visit and Thanksgiving With the Goulds. These two would make for a great, dark seasonal cartoon on The Comedy Network.

Quite fun also are the Vincent Price and Don Knotts imitations.

Most memorable on Fun House is the Your Girlfriend’s Dad, A Sassy Cat Story. There is nothing like this out there.

Dana Gould Fun House is a stand-up comedy CD you will listen to again from time to time. I have.

Fun House
Dana Gould
Stand-up comedy CD
Originally released Uproar! 1998
Stand Up! Records 2009

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